Monday, August 17, 2015

Oven 2.0
In the event you have a large tree fall on your wood burning oven you may find this blog helpful
The basic situation is that a tree fell on our carport (see earlier posts about that) 
Being steel lined, the oven itself is virtually indestructible. The brick base on which it sits, not so much. So how to build a new base under an existing 3000 lb oven? What follows is our solution. 

Here you see the basic structure. We are rebuilding the carport at the same time.  Hence no roof just yet.

Damage to the base is wide spread

Found these jacks on Amazon for $10 each. Rated at 6000 lbs , so 3000lb oven/ 6 jacks no problem.

Blocked up the jacks and demolished the wall

In the best Harry Potter tradition

Wingardium Leviosa
Remember to "swish and flick"
And you have an oven floating in space

This really only took about 3 hours to do

Next post "Welding The New Base"

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

So the lifespan of an oven is 10 months

So last night at 10:00 PM I here this CRASH

Yeah that's my truck under there. Oh, and the reason you can't see the brick oven is 'cause IT"S UNDER THE @#$%%^^&* TREE

Notice however that the trusses didn't fail. Yes I do build for the unexpected but this is a bit much.

The oven you might recall looked like this
Trucks make lousy truss supports. The roofs are too weak.

Just to the left of the "carport/scrap pile" was the metal grape arbor I was building. This will add to the fun of demolition 'cause there is a 2000 psi oxygen tank in there too. Woohoo !!!!

You know how when you finish building something you tend to look back and think 
"Ya know, if I was to do this over, I'd............" Stay tuned.  Here we go again.