Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Chedda Performing Her Various Duties

Chedda is our eldest cat.  As such she has multiple responsibilities. 
No life of ease and idleness for this one.

Guarding the entrance to the cave

Building inspection

Lizard patrol
Making the garden safe one anole at a time.

Monday, November 4, 2013

We need a new coffee table

So my wife (As Rumpole says "She who must be obeyed") observed that the current coffee table is too large for the room and not high enough for eating while watching TV. Our solution: a smaller table, on wheels, with under-top storage, and a top that hinges up and out to provide a good eating/working surface (think working at a laptop on the couch). Heres how that is playing out.

I designed the table to use one sheet of 3/4" (19mm) oak plywood

Start with wood and a plan

Cut and rabbet the sides top bottom etc.

Glue and screw the box together and add the four bar linkage to control the top

Here is a detailed view of the linkage

The bars at the top are actually split and the triangle piece at the bottom is removable so that one can work on the mechanism if needed on the basic philosophy that you never make something you can't take apart.

 The more observant of you will notice the dowel patch below my hand (in the side of the box). Yes, I'm an idiot and put the mechanism in the wrong place the first time.

I'll Show you the finished 
table this afternoon

Here is the finished product

Here are some views of how it works

I would have used some Paduk to make the accent trim but I live in the hinterland these days, so stained oak looks pretty good.